• subhobroto97 5w

    The Natural Vengeance

    The year is 3032
    The water is dried up
    The air is polluted
    The viruses are mutated

    The oceans becoming
    Death bed of plastic
    For the sea creatures.

    The air becoming toxic
    And gradually humans becoming fossils
    The soil being eroded
    And the reserved waters being flooded

    The extinction chain
    Running faster than the
    High speed train.

    The rains becoming acidic
    And lives becoming normadic
    With houses being destroyed
    As nature prepares for revenge

    The dearth of hospital beds
    Clearly increasing the number of deaths.

    The earth is heading
    Towards a new beginning
    With the existence of humans
    Nearing its end.
    With Mother Nature being mend.

    If we save nature
    Nature will definitely save us.

    - Subhobroto Das