• why_so_dark 6w

    "Do you love me ?"

    "Yes, what kind of question is this?"- she asked stupefied.

    'Actually, I have this in my mind, that when you said it for the first time, you'd seen me in my bestest persona and looks, clean-shaven,sound,well-dressed and sober.
    But, do you think, that's when love is tested!
    There will be some gruesome moments, when I'll be down with my shortcomings, pessimistic nearly about everything I come across. When my stubble of a month will look like a overgrown bush and my eyes will be sunken from the lack of sleep.will you still love me ?
    Will you still love me,when we will have a terrible fight, and I refuse to say sorry even when it's my fault.I will feel that contempt no doubt and show the same .But I won't be able to say it. Will you still love me ?
    Will you love me, when I'll get all possesive of you? When I want to know every minute detail of your day and you will be too tired to talk about it.will you still love me then?
    Will you still love me, when I will lose all my hope, and just can't keep anymore the pain I am succumbed to. When I will debase myself because of the debacle I'll be exposed to.will you still love me ?
    Look, its easy to say those three words millions of time in a day. What not easy is ,to make that love last because life is not that sorted, as people tend to make us believe.
    So, tell me will you love me through thick and thin ? Will you still love me ?' - he asked pensively.

    She came towards him, kissed on his lips and said blatantly -" do you need to give you answer now!" .