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    I don't want to play by the rules.
    I want to grow out different between among.
    When it's perfect for me.
    Not when it's time.
    But when I grow as per my knowledge.

    Purpose is not to go out of season.
    But I don't want to blossom.
    To become acclamatiory to season.
    but I am not an outlaw without a reason..

    I am that green leaf between those grey of autumn..
    Same as you and others.
    Just with a different time to blossom.

    Purpose is not to be an outlaw.
    But I'm not the one with less if and but.
    I just don't bide by the the time of law..

    So, till I live till I grow.
    I will blossom as per my convenience.
    Not to be bounded by rule.
    Not to be bounded by law..
    No matter if they call me an


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