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    It's funny how we all wanted to be forgiven but none us was are ready to forgive each other.
    It's true when they tell you that it takes a lot of courage to forgive and even greater courage to ask for forgiveness.
    Either ways the weirdly twisted and naked truth of forgiveness can never be perceived easily.
    Forgiveness or Courage or Humbleness.
    You name it.
    They never make sense and they can never make sense as long as LOVE is not put into action.
    We have grown up to become a generation where loving or the concept of love is often entitled exclusively with marriage or relationship.
    We all have somehow conveniently loved each other and forgot to show love to the one who's lacking it.
    It's easy to love the person who loves you.
    It doesn't really require lot of work to be honest.
    It's not easy to love the person who is lacking in love or someone who has hard time loving one another because the person who is often in need of love is the one who constantly denies it.
    Loving someone doesn't necessarily have to be doing something or giving something to someone.
    It might sound like following a rule book of love or doing the set of instructions written in a blog post on 7 ways to love someone or something like that.
    The truth is
    " There is no rule book or set of guidelines to follow "
    Love one another.
    That's the greatest command above all.
    It might sound funny and weird to see loving as some sort of command but nothing can be exhibited in it's full potential as long as it's not following a discipline.
    Somehow loving goes the same way too.
    Loving someone is not about accepting the good things or leaving the bad things of a certain person but love in it's purest sense is all about ACCEPTANCE.
    You have the complete right to correct someone you love but you don't have the right to constantly pick up their faults or make them feel low because of their mistakes or intentionally hurt them in the name of love.
    Loving is not about attaining certain sort of permission or power but the amount of liberation that you give a person which sets them free because of your actions {love}

    It's easy to be annoyed or show your anger towards someone because of their actions.
    It doesn't really require much of an effort to do all those things but it takes greater amount of courage to love someone and accept someone the way they are.
    You don't have to necessarily change a person you love.
    Just be there for them.
    That is all it takes for a person to change.
    They may not perceive it early but in the long run they will.
    Trust me.
    They will.
    Accept them.
    Your acceptance and presence can change someone into a whole another person.
    The world needs more of love and its often about acceptance.
    Love is all about acceptance.
    When you love someone.
    Love them as a whole.
    Now and Forever.
    Don't ever stop loving someone even if you have a past history or you don't want to talk to them anymore.
    Never stop loving someone even from a distance.
    After all it's not love if it's not in action.


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