• devil_nightmare 5w

    She looks crazy to her friends,
    But she never minds.
    As long as it's her solace from the world,
    She was never meant to inhibit,
    She would continue.

    The world of books is her place,
    From where she never wants a turn.
    Rain or shine, depression or despondence,
    Heartbreak or joy sublime!
    She finds her books as if her home.

    As the story nears the end,she forgets
    Sleep, food, water and time until
    she's done.
    Look and learn, pure agony as she
    Puts her book down and creeps into

    She finds a part of herself in
    Everything she reads. So she reads
    As if breathing is a compulsion while
    Reading isn't. She reads as if it
    Quenches her thirst but each time
    She reads she wants more,
    Because she is CRAZY!!

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