• krupa_kadir 39w

    I promised I would drop a Rose, everytime you do some good;
    "I finally learnt to how to make parathas just like you!" you beamed, yearning for my appreciation;
    And I dropped a Rose;
    "I don't know how to do 'the period' talk to our daughter" you said to me, despaired.
    And I dropped a Rose,
    to encourage you to take the plunge;
    " I had my first ever argument with her!" you spoke to me all hurt and heartbroken.
    "But it's for her betterment, right?"
    I dropped a Rose;
    You smiled with your confidence boosted;
    Months rolled on to years, and little by little I faded away from the scene; My roses stayed with me firmly rooted and offer conversations ceased to exist except for the occasional glances.
    Today, after many years, you stand in front of me;
    Nervous I guess, but looking as dashing and handsome in your wedding suit. "Damn! you look always hot in that suit!" I thought to myself. But, I could see that your age had caught up. Your skin was an intricate pattern of wrinkles, head with a thick wave of silver hair, your legs dwindling, supported by a rosewood cane.
    "I think it's almost show time!" your murmured. "Think just a couple more months till I can finally see you again!" you grinned.
    I could hear our daughter's saddened sigh. "Don't bother Honey! I was happy man!" you consoled her.
    "Did I do good darling?" you asked as you pointed at our wonderful daughter, "Can I come now?" you asked, your voice beseeching, as you touched the intricate Mahogany frame that held my portrait from its firm hinges,
    I dropped a Rose;
    One last time.