• gladiator001 6w


    Every joy passes
    and every grief stays
    What cannot be found
    Yet leaves a trace
    The tendency never ceases
    Squiggly and arbitrary
    Waving their authority
    Up and down, up and down
    Forward moving,
    Carrying the past on its back
    Will you be smart enough
    to know the future from the past
    Overlapping on everything
    Twisted and crooked
    Can it indicate or forecast
    Can it help me at all
    And if they cannot
    I am only seeing blurred lines
    with slope on every corner
    Will I determine the direction
    Control the fluctuations
    No more noise and disturbances
    but the sweet sound of recognition
    Maybe it will follow me
    Just as I used to
    until then bear the zigs and zags
    with occasional jerks and jolts