• bluemoonlight44 10w

    Poem 49

    I maybe be stubborn sometimes
    I try not to be selfish with my actions
    I try not to get angry at the ones that try to help, but some people can't be trusted because of the lies they tell others
    I try to forgive them and apologize for my actions
    I make myself pearlized where I can't breath for another minute
    The pain I have I got to let go
    I maybe my worse enemy
    I live in a box wondering when I can be free
    I'm thinking about out of my fantasy ideas
    I'm trying to step into reality
    I may not get to far but it's worth a shot
    Day by day I'm working my butt off to make a living I'm learning every hour for the rest of my life to be better then before

    © Bluemoonlight44