• musran19ali 6w

    And So My College Life Starts...

    Nothing seems to be going good,
    the things which i wanted
    from the very first day
    is now singing songs for me.
    As if it feels more cool than a bad lyrics.

    I repeat nothing seems to be good.
    The smartphone, the wallet & the responsibility- which is more clear now
    feels much heavier than schooldays.
    The childhood that's been lost,
    is now a dreamt off to be getting back
    somehow if i could.

    I eventually says nothings going good.
    No worries no tensions that's what,
    everybody's schooldays is meant for.
    It's been a dreamt off getting back
    somehow if i could.
    A different bag with different ideas & opportunity
    when packed separately hurts.

    I don't know what it's going to be
    but now Nothing seems #GOOD.
    Why every need to move on?
    I wish I could stay back
    where I happens to be.
    Nothing is good
    When #GOODBYES do speak.
    -Ali Musrañ

    And so my college life starts.

    I hope it's quite known and worthy might be if I could relate it with everyone's life.