• indigosparkle 10w

    This is totally dedicated to someone who was one of the first writer I followed for his Beautiful write ups.
    I'm no where a poet and I'm sorry I couldn't bring my words as u bring up in a cadence.
    I wanted to dedicate this piece of mine from the day I got to know your birthday.
    You have not only written your heart out but also written the hearts of sooo many readers of yours...me included.
    I can always find everything which I couldn't express in my words, in your posts.
    And that is exactly how I writer should be.
    From the first to latest one...I hope I never missed any of your beautiful post and if u see my reposts ,you will find all your post in it.
    We couldn't talk much but I was always connected to you ,through your post.
    May you happiness come back safe to you.
    Everything will be alright till u r fighting with it.
    May this quarantine bday bless you the safest life and the happiest one too❤️
    We always love you❤️

    Ps: the BG is ,I guess, something you will love in your bday post.
    Coz I have not seen a craze like yours ever .


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    Happiest birthday ❤️