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    Hello fellow writers,
    Mirakee recently added the feature to review reports to curb plagiarism but what I found on that page shocked me. Other than numerous reports on plagiarism there were quite a few reports of "harassment and bullying". Most of these posts were erotica and when did that constitute harassment or bullying? Neither were they demeaning someone nor hurting the sentiments of someone (other than the narrow minded people who seem to have reported them). This unfortunately is the world we live in where even the mention of the word sex is a taboo. We can't talk about it, we can't write about it and we most certainly can't think of it. If you are uncomfortable with erotica then don't read those write ups but why report it and take away the writers freedom of expression? If it degrades someone or addresses someone specifically then yes it constitutes "harassment or bullying" but erotica doesn't. It's also a genre of writing that should be acknowledged and not treated like an outcast.
    I also saw posts reported as "self harm". As someone who has self harmed in the past I can tell you; that post doesn't need a report, that writer needs someone to listen and a medium to channel their emotions. A depressed person struggling and fighting to find reason to live doesn't need their posts reported and deleted. Do not take away the one thing that writer has, do not make that person feel that he can't even write his feelings down. Mirakee is supposed to be a platform where everyone can express themselves and portray who they are through their words. Don't the people going through a rough patch deserve to be able to get their words out as well? I request you, please don't report such people, help them, who knows maybe you might even save a life.
    I don't know if many people would even read this. I don't know if many people would understand my point of view. I don't even know if this post itself would be reported or not. But I do know one thing, my views are not gonna change. Everyone and every genre deserves the freedom of expression and the freedom to write and frankly who are we even to take that away?

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