• ryves85 5w

    Past Experience

    I was there the day that you died
    I hadn't seen you for a few days
    I see you each day

    Always alive

    I knew something was wrong
    I climbed through an open window

    Your dog was dehydrated
    And in dire need
    Of a decent menu

    I saw you there
    Clumped in the corner
    Without your wheelchair

    Naked, non existent
    The heat from your home
    Like a sauna

    I didn't know what to do
    So I called my mum first

    She cried

    She liked you
    But told me to toughen up

    I couldn't believe
    You had died

    I called the police
    I called an ambulance as well
    I sent my kids home to their mum
    It's not the place for them
    I could tell

    The smell alone
    You must have been 3 days gone
    Your poor dog

    He didn't know
    What was going on

    I saved him though
    Ungretabally so
    I couldn't save you

    You're gone now
    To a better place
    There's no more pain

    But I'll tell you this

    I'll never forget you and
    Will never be the same