• roses_power_thorns 5w


    I have a confession to make to all the people in my life
    I am currently struggling
    Struggling to find back myself emotionally
    The last few months have been hard ain't gonna lie
    I am emotionally in turmoil with my inner self
    My self esteem is extremely low and...
    I have been losing weight because I stress myself about it
    But I am going to be better
    I am still going to be there for you all
    When I don't text it isn't because I am uninterested
    It's because sometimes I am lost
    In my own grief
    I ain't saying I have the worst life
    I have it better than a lot of kids
    But I still have issues

    I will be there to comfort you all
    Give advice
    But I just wanted to give a full explanation

    Thank You all for you or attention, tough love
    Everything it's always appreciated

    Love Andante aka ROSE