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    @babelbombs Hey buddy you have this unique way of scribbling and that's something really appreciable and beautiful... Thank you for actually inspiring me to write something.. Last night I wanted to scribble yet had no idea how but after binge reading your works surely I had my hopes pumped up... Thanks friend
    @allbymyself thanks to you too bud that you reposted @babelbombs works for the exposure to a wider audience.... ��

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    Walls were smothered with moss
    Chunk of wood was merely left to be known as door.
    As I enter, the dilapidated concrete crackles to life,
    And the stench of deceased truths lingers inside.
    My eyes wander along the moth eaten memories
    And over the parched grounds of hope
    All that was left behind by the heedless souls
    Were taken over by the ravages of ruthless course.