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    When I sit back and contemplate
    About the aspects of my life
    That I experienced throughout
    This journey , I had the flood of thoughts in my mind , so many queries and questions and confusions
    For what should I do , and how.?

    If I live according to people , I am a fool and if not then I am arrogant !

    If I trust people easily , I am stupid and if not then I am a doubter !

    If I show significance for , I become valueless if not then I am an egoistic !

    If I am generous and virtuous, I have been gifted by lies and betrayals !

    Why ? Beacause I am a sinner but for how long it will take to compensate.?

    I can write it and express , but to whom ?

    The people who couldn't help me

    Or the god whom I do believe in but right now not listening to me !

    Had many people around as lessons now want someone as blessing..!

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    I am living but not alive !

    I am present but lost !

    I am smiling but not happy !

    I am in a crowd but alone !