• _recovering_here_ 5w

    So my mom told me a bit more ab my bio dad. He was an alcoholic and was abusive while drunk, he guilt tripped her and was never there for us. Made me and my brothers wonder if we even had a 'dad'. He never called, texted, didn't care how we were doing or if we were alive. Literally he shouldn't have been a "dad". He's a horrible person and I'm glad my now dad stepped up and took his place.

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    Screw you

    It really sucks to know you were never here. How you didn't even care. How you left us wondering if you we're even real. I'm sorry us being born wasn't enough for you. I'm sorry your maturity just isn't there. My mom did nothing bad to deserve the shit you did. You hurt her, you hurt us. Your gambling was more important than raising your children? What idiot chooses a game over their kids? What person can walk around without any shame. I hope you don't make any more kids so they ain't gotta grow up like we did