• the_frozen_espresso 46w


    Have you ever looked up to the one person like you did not for anyone else?
    Have you ever got the feeling of who superheroes are, even before the word "superheroes" was introduced to you ?
    Well, that person taught me how to swim by throwing me into waters.
    Told me to keep a handkerchief always.
    Taught me how to tie shoe laces.
    Helped me shave for the first time and shared old spice afterwards.
    Showed me how handshakes are done.
    Told me to compliment her shoes.
    Gave me proof that trousers are better than jeans.
    Taught me posture.
    Showed me confidence.
    Made me know the difference between I can and I will
    And gave me the fire to convert the I will to I did.
    Thank you,