• amuamy 10w

    To the soul I love

    To the guiding spirit
    To the beating heart
    I pour out to you
    My solitude in heart
    Effervescence of my lust to you
    Is it done ??
    My life with you ???
    Setting sun ........
    I take my mighty pen
    To write an inertia of love
    And to show no world
    My adobe lay bereft of you
    As I narrate the wise women’s tale
    It takes time ,because it’s atumn my love
    I swing in happiness thinking about the time we spent
    The kiss you laid on my beating heart
    And night just faded away
    To those beautiful time of life
    I define them to be mine , only mine
    You are my sunshine
    You are my world
    I pour out to you
    My love will always shine
    Beside the hurdles , beneath the earth, below the sky
    I look for your soul, which will any day be mine ...
    You carried me along the roller coaster and yet I’m alive
    To prove no soul that my love is a bee high
    For I melt in ur arms and sleep on ur chest
    To the guiding spirit
    My love knows no rest
    I want to pour out to you
    My soltitude of love
    Beyond the ocean
    Beyond the sky
    Beneath the kingdom
    You are my love paradise
    To the setting sun ,
    You will rise just like my love
    For you have the power to change the style
    My love is a rider born to shine ❤
    Amrutha Satish