• toxicpen 10w

    Purge eve

    I wear my theatrics as armor
    So i promise to for no commitements
    I am out of control i cant let go
    The rainbow has been painted black
    The artist lost his soul and traded his brush for a briefcase
    Commisions now dollar signs
    Saints for lawyers gods for puppet strings
    Studios for cheap motels
    Pest these slopes and watch the constraints
    Abstract my pain and horizons dont give back
    Pilots are never calm when they cant stomach
    Mannequins for people on social sites
    Swipe left or right but her plastic face is god Damn beautiful
    Don't forget to dress to the nines
    Maybe if im lucky she will off me
    She could be the angel she could be a devil
    But doesnt matter id dive in
    Sorry for lacking punctuation and the inane idea of sense
    The rants and raves as people just dance