• writingmythoughts 6w

    "What's stealing your sleep tonight? ",
    A question I keep asking myself,
    Over and over again,
    Almost a daily occurrence.
    "Thoughts", I can say with clarity ,
    About what, Not so much clarity there,
    Random thoughts on unconnected events,
    Trying to make patterns where none exist.
    About a future that I wish for,
    Not so much building castles in the air,
    More in terms of what would I face,
    A bit far-fetched, indeed.
    About the past I have crossed,
    On what I have learned from it,
    How to not go there again,
    Choosing the right option, the next time around.
    About the present, I am living,
    How it has been affected by my past,
    And will affect my future,
    The cause-effect of the past, present and future.
    I fall asleep somewhere in the middle,
    Rest continues as a dream,
    Dream or nightmare,
    The million dollar question.