• vishalkarmakar 9w

    It was few months when I really started hating life in no motion staying in home and doing nothing. But gradually things are getting better a bit. Fear disappearing and hope is arriving gradually; here comes Diwali of this disgusting year but was unexpected.Diyas and fairy lights signalled for a better time and smiling faces of everyone were almost hidden somewhere in a dark time. I was in our club, 'Shantiniketan', preparing thalis and others pujo items. I was in a blue shirt, when she came to pandal. Our eyes met, she was alone wearing prussian blue kurti and a white leggings, ears were decorated with jhumkas and I saw a 'kalo choto tip'. "Anku da eije prodip dhoro, ami ektu aschi", I told him. And went to her. We talked peacefully after so many years and we two even didn't even hear the crackers. She asked, "Jabi nodir dhare?". I replied confirming, "Akhon?" She shrugged and confirmed. We walked together and she held my hands saying, "Aaj ondhokar katiye dei, babu amra, notun kore shuru kori? And I kissed her red moisturized lips and we smelled each after finishing all the darkness.