• chadorw 5w

    When I was a li'l girl, I used to think that being a li'l girl is the most difficult phase of one's life. All I wanted to do was to grow up and grow up fast. I remember the many nights I spent, looking at the moon and pouring out my heart's contents.

    Happiness is easy to share; all it takes is a broad smile and a few people to infect it with. Sadness is slightly tricky. You guard it like some beastly prisoner in the cell of your heart. There are people who will feel your sadness but won't live it the way you might want them to.

    Listening to songs sometimes helps in ebbing that emotion. But many times in life, you just continue living, strangled and choked by that emotion that won't budge no matter how hard you try.

    Different people deal with it differently. I, for one, have always taken refuge in the moon. Somehow, telling the moon about things hidden in my heart seemed like the most natural thing to do.

    But things change as you grow older. Now that I'm almost at the end of my life, I feel that being that li'l girl was so easy. Back then, it was just seeking the moon that did all the magic~