• ehtesham_speaks 5w

    Demolition Of Democracy?

    The ongoing scenerio in the country is a clear example of what a Fascist government can bring out when comes in power.

    The biggest right of democracy to its people is the freedom of speech and expression. Something that states clearly that each one of us can fearlessly voice out our opinions and criticize whatever we find unethical in a peaceful protest which should not be against the law..

    On Sunday evening the Jamia Millia Islamia University students carried out a protest on the verge of same laws against the Citizenship Act but this didn’t go down well with the Delhi police.

    Students were beaten up by the police , they entered into the premises, fired tear gas and used batons on students to break up the protest around 150 students were severely injured 50 were detained by police.

    Jamia students ended up in a pitched battle with the police, vandalism and torching of vehicles where campus soon turned into a battlefield.

    The future of nation kept burning entire night in furnace. Students in the same campus where they are supposed to gain knowledge for a brighter future were compelled to hide for the sake of their lives.

    A country where you are brutally assaulted if you voice out your views, where you cannot criticize the ammended acts which government wants to pass, where educational institutions are not safe enough for the students, to me this specifically zooms into a picture of Nothing More Than Dictatorship.

    Majority of universities are coming out from different counterparts to support the Jamia students and to bash the current law and order in the country.

    Among the most prominent one are JNU, IIM-A, DU, BHU, JU, IIT-B, IIT-D, AMU, LU etc.