• the_dark_flames 23w

    #love #time #questioning the meaning of true love

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    A question by a dying love

    Love sparks as a seed in the hearts of two
    Grows with the nurture of time as it passes through,
    It comes out of hiding as a sleazy sapling
    Clueless of what it takes to be a blossoming king,
    Nevertheless it aims to be a redwood
    Thinking it is a special one kissed by the godhood,
    Fed on the memories and trust given by the mighty nurturer
    It thought the universes could not find a worthy destroyer,

    Irony of the world, smirked at the innocence of the poor child,
    Gracious nurturer of it,turned to also be the lethal destroyer of it,
    Shaken by the gospel truth, it dropped it's impeccable faith,
    Storms and quakes shook its hearth,but it
    held on by its broken faith,

    White dreams of it met the black truth of the world,
    Endless storms and quakes gave a end to its span,
    At the moment of its death it thought of its diminishing life,
    Was I too weak to live or time isn't hard to others?