• atelophobicpoetry 5w

    When gods made you, I'm sure they cussed each other out
    Hera probably yelled that Zeus had given you too much lightning
    'She'll burn the candle at both ends'
    Loki argued that Athena had made you too clever
    And that Artemis made you too fast
    Hermes made your step the lightest, wanting you to travel the world
    Apollo found fault with that, because you'd fail to think ahead
    Maui told you to steal the moon
    Ares schemed with Eris and Phobos about all the ways they could use you
    To sully the hearts of your lovers and incite violence
    And Venus, she gave you her pout and eyes,
    Sure that your womanly wiles would do work for you
    Meanwhile Odin gave you fire and blood and said 'declare your enemy and make war'
    Poseidon laughed and said 'let her move worlds with her laugh'
    And Nike, small gifts of Hestia to make anywhere your home
    And Bacchus, as is his way, he said 'make her crazy and wild and vicious and free'
    And you walked out of seaform with pomegranate seeds
    Smiling like new age Kali