• veewrites_ 6w

    At some point I wished this rumour would be true
    Because I don't even know when but slowly I start falling for you
    Yea I know we just met like a year ago or so
    But it did happen anyway
    Perhaps people saw something in us that we couldn't
    And that made me wonder
    You could be my all bright places
    Afterall you made me happy
    I know it's not possible
    But still I wished .. I hope and everything could be possible But we both understand the risks and everything that might end up hurting both of us
    I know we both we will be terrible at this cuz um.. if we do it there will be no friendship left
    And I happen to love that friendship very much soo I like when you listen to me and handle my mood swings, my problems and you handled me.. you made me realise the my mistakes
    You told me where I was wrong .. thank you for that
    Our time is not yet
    Maybe after some time or some ages or in another birth that will be our time

    - the boy who wished We were dating..

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    To the girl
    Everyone think I m dating -


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    Veewrites x Ishita Kumar