• catastros 5w

    Appearance isn't always the reality we think it is....
    Mental health should be the first priority.
    Mental health is important..
    As being said, October is considered to be the Mental Awareness Month where the prime focus is to make sure if someone is suffering from any kind of mental health, they should get proper care, love, treatment.
    Sometimes we think the person is no longer suicidal, depressed, burning in agony, dying slowly in atrocities thoughts, having mental breakdowns
    Just because they stopped showing it or not being more expressive in that regard..
    But most of you don't know what's it like to have a mental breakdown which purely sabotages the mental health..
    I was the victim way too many times.
    I had those thoughts in which I had ended my life numerous no of times.
    I had breakdowns from which I couldn't recover for days.
    From outside it seems like just a normal happy person
    But from inside, agony is slowly and steadily ripping the soul apart and destroying everything in it's path.
    Memories become painful, moments turn into ashes of remorse..
    I know how it feels.
    Sometimes the moment they stop showing
    It's the moment from which it gets worse than ever.
    So it's a request to please come forward for those who maybe suffering from mental health, because not everyone would be willing to express themselves.
    At last.
    " Hey you are not alone.
    We all are with you.
    Please share whatsoever is being bothering you and we will listen and by any means necessary would make sure to give a solution.
    You are important as all of us are, you do mean a lot to those who love you, care for you.
    So don't lose hope.
    Because it's not the end of the road.
    Sun will rise again, so would you. "


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