• seesaw94_suga 5w

    3 November, 2019

    In this garden,
    Full of thorns and loneliness,
    I grew a flower that couldn't be blossomed.
    Because it was only a dream, that won't ever come true.

    You picked flowers from my garden,
    Unknown of the fact that i had been looking at you.
    What is your name?
    Could you tell me?
    Because I saw you hidden in this garden.

    I know you love the flowers.
    But it's my fate
    That I can't come to you.
    I can't show you how ruined I am.
    I can't show you a run-down part of myself.

    So, don't give me hope.
    Don't smile on me.
    Don't light on me.
    Because I must stay hidden.

    I wear a mask and go to see you everyday.
    I want to tell you who I am.
    I want to pull off this foolish mask.
    But I'm afraid
    That you'll leave me again in the end.

    I must hide.
    Because I'm ugly with my scars.
    And I'm a fallen angel
    Who cannot be with you.

    If I got the courage to stand before you
    And tell you the untold truth of mine,
    Would everything be different now?
    Would you still be with me?
    Because -
    I still want you.


    // Inspired from the song'' The truth untold '' by BTS //


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    But I still want you.