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    @ruhii_ I know this is a long post , but I thought to share this with you . Give it a read , whenever u get time ����

    If you're wishing to read about a stupid experience of some extremely stupid girls on an eerie and spooky night ? Then , this would be my suggestion for you .

    To start with , this thing happens in a hostel . Our warden is on sick leave as she fractured her leg in a fall . I just wonder , how could a leg like that , a leg that has climbed infinite number of stairs , a leg that roams around the hostel to catch late night unwanted visitors , a leg which supports the body of someone who's mere objective is to shout n scold some poor innocent girls �� could get fractured ? Okay leave that thing , am not a medico . But , she was on leave and we , the enthusiastic and extra crazy girls were all alone in that hostel . Saturdays are usually movie nights and on that particular Saturday , we saw a movie named " Demonty Colony " it's a Tamil flim in which the �� ghost communicates through OUIJA BOARD . And guess ,

    1 . It's a girls' hostel with some extremely crazy , tell tale teenage girls
    2. The warden is on leave and we are alone .

    Yeah . We decided to try that thing . Some seniors discussed this and after two days , the day scholars handed all the supplies for us . We didn't have an Ouija board actually , but all the contents were copied on a chart . I was in my eighth grade and was not supposed to enter seniors' rooms ( one of the untold rule there ) and we , the little girls were not aware of how they got all those candles , coins and stuff . We waited for the sun to set . I , usually very slow and lazy in completing homeworks , just skipped doing them �� however other geeks and nerds completed their works in jet speed and were ready for our most awaited experiment . I saw my friend writing something with color pens n sketch pens . We definitely didn't have any projets at that time n what was she doing ? She said in a meek voice , " what if the spirit is bad ? What if it kills us ? What if it likes my body and captures my soul ? " I was like �� after hearing that . She took a white sheet and a pink paper . " This white , is for my parents and pink is for ( her crush ) , at least they will be happy right ? " Guess what ? I too wrote a letter and I still have that with me ���� .

    The seniors came out as if they are mediums with all their stuff . A dungeon room with old pillows and beddings was THE CHOSEN room . We went one by one , following our seniors . They were seven girls of 11th and 12th grades . We were super excited to try our first spooky supernatural experiment !!! We were made to sit in a circle hand in hand . They strictly ordered us not to laugh or talk or open our eyes until we are asked to , no matter what happens . They lights were off and the dungeon room looked more spooky . I tried to remember the good things I've done and was calculating were I would go after death , to heaven or hell . Obviously , hell was the answer �� . We sat quietly while the senior 7 placed the Ouija chart ( a chart in which the 26 alphabets were handwritten with numbers from 0 to 9 and a YES on the right side and NO on the left side , a drawing of sun and moon on the 2 top corners .) ( We forgot HELLO and GOOD BYE ) . A candle was lit before the chart and the leader of the stupid girls' club placed a coin on the chart . Her index finger on the coin . As insisted , we closed our eyes and started calling the spirits . And the most common mantra " BLOODY MARY " was chanted . It was the month of July and it was raining cats and dogs . The breeze was extra cool that night . It was really spooky . A pin drop silence was maintained . I heard a hush and opened my eyes . The cande was off . It was not burning !!! We all bece cold from toe to head . We were aware that a spirit was there and it was the spirit's work . I started counting my last minutes ... The leader ( trembling ) became aware and her finger was waiting for someone to move it .I've heard that spirits will kill the people who opens their eyes. I opened my eyes and was scared like hell . Only a minute and boom !!!! Something hit my head !!! I started shouting and jumped from that place . Everyone started screaming and and moving in random directions through the dark . I found a chair and I sat under the chair . The door was locked and no one could go out . I tried to look through the dark . It was stupid but I wanted to see the spirit . I wanted to touch it . I was searching it from under the chair . I felt like , someone was behind me and before I could turn , I felt a cold touch on my shoulder . Againn , I was screaming and the whole room screamed in vein . Trembling , I somehow managed to get up and moved near the wall . I started to count 1 ... 2...3... 4... And on 20 , the lights were on . I was happy that me and my friend were alive and we hugged each other . We were almost crying . Some were already crying . Again , I searched for a dead body or blood or something like that but what I found was more scary. The leader of the group was staring at me . It was glare more than a stare . She turned her head and I followed her gaze to stop at a pillow . It was clear . An old pillow from the stack , accidentally fell on my head . No spirit , no ghost , no supernatural things , no nothing . Just stupid . Then what , they all started to laugh . I tried to laugh but I couldn't .
    From then , we never tried to try Ouija board things and they started to call me , " pillow princee " ...

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