• anecdoche 10w

    This starless sky smells like the seductive rain showers you adored through the shades of the umbrella. Beautiful yet deadly. Gorgonizing yet Frightening.

    The phrases of loneliness embedded in this darkness narrates to me the helplessness you suffered when the rain poured itself drop by drop infront of you, wanting you to embrace all it's existence. But you were scared. Way too scared to lose your strength that you never dared to witness the glory of your weakness.

    The umbrella you held chained you to the foot of a cage made of unfulfilled desires and heaved sighs. You stared at the clouds promising yourself of a day you would let your wings take you far above the land of fears and miseries, while knowing it's you who would never let those bars break.

    Still, you never let your heart lose the strings of hope. And your heart never cared if those promises were mere glistening lies. It kept shining through the hopes your dreams gave to it.

    Now, as I stand here below the half smiling moon, I wonder if your dreams ever got the strength to pierce through the mountainous fears just to know how it feels to live. Did your naive heart ever realise that those golden cages come at the cost of freedom?

    And the day I realise that my freedom lies in leaving the shades of the stars and embracing the darkness of the night, I will let the rain drench every inch of me just to remind me of you.


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