• kriziavg 6w


    I let my inhibitions swirl away with the sweetness of this nectar.
    The wrong words solidify their own path,
    create their own existence,
    push themselves out.
    While all that's right stays in.

    I choose without your consent.
    A choice far from mine to make
    but I choose,
    and I lie,
    and I breathe in the thick stench of the consequences.

    I could see them rolling down the hot summer nights
    I could see them before they even formed.

    But I still chose,
    and I still lied,
    and I can't think of a reason why.

    Other than it makes more sense,
    to plunge into the things that I despise,
    than admit I would be much more happy,
    just sipping tea,
    and holding hands,
    with you.