• karasi_0v0a0r0g 5w

    It's been a while. Hope this piece brings smiles to whoever is reading it. Enjoy.
    Flos is the latin of flowers it's not dental floss. Lol peace.


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    I wonder how the sun and moon sees this garden.
    Is it a garden full of flaws or a garden full of flos.

    A beautiful aesthete and a mellifluous epiphany would it be
    If through the eyes of you and me,
    We're beautiful flowers is all that we could see.
    Where flaws and uniqueness were seen as beauty.
    No judgement just admiration solely.

    As we're mere flowers that blooms and withers in a given time.
    An overlooked serendipity, blinded by our mentality.

    Would you like to start admiring the beautiful flowers with me?
    For now it may be spring, so come let's go hear the euphoric symphony that the flowers in the gardens sing.