• blitzvogel 6w


    The unfiltered minds had been at their best
    The winter evening was cold but lively
    I was in his arms scared and content
    The little pieces of our soul had elevated to the other realm
    Our chords were in tune ready to be heard
    And the rusty old soceity ready to murder us
    We were sinners in there biblical minds
    'Man cannot love man' they said
    We hid in the dark gloomy forests
    In the dark suicidal caves
    But we were mad men
    Mad men who had to be hanged
    We agreed to fall apart but we couldn't
    In this lake of poison we drowned
    Ourselves for our compassion
    I looked into his eyes and he into mine
    We were the love birds that we dreamt to be.
    This story of our's was never to be told of
    And never to be heard of but
    We were together and thats enough.