• melita 10w

    Is it me

    I knew his is old
    I knew we not compatible
    I knew we can never work
    We were just colleagues
    We are just comrades in union

    Is it me
    Is it me ,who provoked him
    To come and propose
    Yes he showed signs
    Signs of affection
    But his approach was not enough

    He sent his friend over
    For he cant do it
    But i sent back the friend with no answer
    He came and proposed

    I never thought he had it in him
    But he came and i said no
    My no wasnt a no but a promise
    A confirming relation promise to him
    But to me it was just to take him
    Off my back

    For i knew men ,follow skirts with no
    Intention and follow up
    But i was wrong he was serious
    I took him for a ride so he say
    Is it me

    It was early hours of the morning
    On a quiet dark night but morning
    On a conference trip,on my way to
    My room
    He was standing on his door

    "Please come" as he called me
    Innocently i went in
    He grabbed my hand forcefully
    "You sleeping in here tonight"
    I will show you" he shouted
    My heart raced its beat out of fear

    My legs couldnt stand firm
    I lost my voice to scream for help
    I thought im losing my life
    He continued shouting
    I take him for granted

    I said im sorry he diddnt listen
    He threw me hard on the bed
    I thought he's going to do it
    I wanted to scream but i thought
    None will hear for i will be long gone

    I kept my cool,so he calm down
    He said hes sorry
    He never meant it
    I promised to look onto his proposal
    He gets jealous seeing me with guys

    All was on my mind was how to
    Get out safe
    Toilet excuse helped me
    I left my slippers to show i am coming
    But thats how i escaped his claws

    But my mind still caught in his claws
    My mind still sees his angry face
    Still hears his loud voice
    I can still feel the hard grabbing
    On my hand

    Life is no more the same
    His apology cant undo all that
    If only the memories can be flushed
    By i am sorry i diddnt mean it
    But all is a dream

    And i keep thinking is it me.