• evaspeckling 5w


    I am
    A lantern path
    Across each path
    I walk like a wildfire
    Full of wisdom like the elk of the forest
    I dances like the trees each time the breeze kisses their forehead.

    I am
    A galaxy of melody
    Inducer of inferiorities
    Speckling lyrics like the birds
    Mending heart in matrixes of despairs
    Feeling born again and again like theological canon have it.

    I am
    A garden of flowers
    A Puff pastry of soils
    Docile in heart as I'm God's frangipani
    Molder of heart as I'm a creature of a molder
    Trying to define me is like trying to drive a car on air
    'Cause I speed and no accident on the road to get busted by people who hate me.

    I am... me, the one, the one God says I am.