• archiee 10w


    What does conquering your thoughts mean? First, it means you get to wear an awesome warrior costume, *plays I am a warrior* by Demi levato *smiles* so congrats on that victory! #OOTD .All what you have to do is input the data and you have access to extra mental weapons, stronger protection, and new passageways.Also, understanding why you feel the way you feel and once you discover all the ins and outs of your mind, you basically have these cheat codes to your game of life.

    CHEAT CODE ONE: When people do or say hurtful things to you, there’s a chance they may actually be upset about something else in their life.
    CHEAT CODE TWO: Sometimes when you hear other opinions you’ll feel pressured to change your own. Before you enter into situations in which you will be confronted with a lot of opinions, make sure you strongly believe your own.
    CHEAT CODE THREE: Your happiness is stronger than fear. You can continue battling fear as long as your priorities make you happy. Make sure you prioritize creating stuffs that makes you happy; otherwise fear and negativity will slowly take over.
    CHEAT CODE FOUR: Recognize that replying was suggested to make you feel better. Understand this impulse and catch it before you act on it. Make yourself feel better in a more constructive way.

    Conquering your thoughts is like conquring the peaks of success-it is not a task that can be accomplished overnight, or over many nights, to be honest. It’s an ongoing process that requires frequent readjustment and patience because your mind is a constant player of evolution games.

    It is evolving and it requires you to ask yourself a lot of questions.Also to analyze the answers honestly is very important.From now on start asking yourself WHY you feel a certain way,WHAT made you perform a certain action, and HOW you could do things differently.

    The information you discover is powerful because it helps you to use your mind productively and efficiently. After all,conquering your thoughts is like conquering peaks of success.