• theintrospectiveink 5w

    Equality in the real world, is a hypothetical concept,
    For not all human beings are born equal,
    They are yes, divided, some by force, some by choice,
    Caste, creed, religion, and genders, money and status, talents and energies,
    Not all of one single religion are downtrodden, not all of one single gender are worthy,
    Not all of them have the same talent and the platform,
    Not all of them can put in the extra effort,
    They are divided in health and sickness,
    in happiness and struggles,
    Hence just the mere word equality is not enough to carry the burden of all on its shoulders,
    For if done so it will perish and fall, crumble into pieces,
    In the name of equality the perks given to all, becomes a necessity for one and a luxury to the next,
    Like an elevator would make a difference to the old and a means of accumulated laze to the young,
    And yes we are divided and different,
    Equality is a mythical concept, but
    With empathy on its wings, EQUITY may bring some proportion to this disproportionate world.

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    All of them clustered under the same brackets, yet always some are to be left outside.