• philosophic_firefly 6w


    Just don't write poems
    Be like that
    Be like that my love.

    If you write on goodness
    I know you would be good
    And if would not
    Become good poem atleast,
    Atleast be your own poem
    Be poem to your heart!

    People often write on love and sweetness
    And some people often write on humanity
    and character,
    others are on hope, vibes and philosophies
    Like me.

    So dear, what you write
    you have to become like that.
    And what is foul language for you?
    Why you people use always
    Disgusting words and abusive language.

    My love, you're a writer
    You say don't lose hope for others
    So I say to you don't lose your mind
    and sweet fragrant language.

    Your language is your apperence
    Your Sweetness is your heart
    Your manners are your beauty.

    Remember, you belong to God's heart
    YOU'RE the most amazing soul in the world