• oceanfullofrants 34w

    You taught me all the things that are wrong with love. You taught me longing for a person and yet never having them. You taught me that love indeed does happen once which sets you up for ruin for the rest of your life if it remains unfulfilled. It taught me that love can be mutual and yet it can delude into a lonely existence. You taught me that I'll miss you like you miss me, yet our hands would never meet and our paths cross each other till the world makes no sense to us. That it's to look at the moon with a wistful urge to hold you and yet just have the ghost of you instead. All the times I picked myself to rush to you, I'll find a closed door. And I'll miss you enough to know that you'll never be mine. And you'll never be able to renew what it meant to be mine, as if in our journey we've come so far that that parallel existence will never be our reality in this world. And I think the only solace I can find is in the fact that in another lifetime you're mine and I'm yours.