• hajar_ait 5w

    A Never Ending Story

    Painting my broken dreams
    With the brush of my intolerated pain
    The misty colors falling out of my tears
    Like raindrops or pearls tangled in between

    I have buried my doomed thoughts
    For they have driven me insane
    Made a promise to myself to
    Lock you in a cage and never let you in

    Though you asked me for another chance
    And how it won't go in vain
    Mother's word, you said,
    I will never hurt you again

    I asked myself what's the worst that could happen?
    My heart is already dead and so is my brain
    I can feel it in my bones
    I can feel it in my vein

    And so I surrendered to your love
    And gave you the power to reign
    But you injured my soul
    And bruised my weakened skin

    And here I am, laying on the ground
    With my headaches and eyestrain
    Wounded is my heart
    This is how it'll always remain