• lackintalent_16 10w

    Your thoughts always catch me off guard,
    sometimes -
    walking amidst friends,
    in a movie hall,
    while smoking pot with mates,
    in a shower,
    like a poltergeist catches,
    its new victims to haunt.

    My brain has become
    your personal graveyard,
    where I hear nothing
    but the songs you played on lyre,
    your fickle voice,
    never goes away,
    unless I gives into oblivion,
    unless I give into you.
    I thought this distance
    will create enough resilience
    to entrapped your presence
    but its not enough,
    there is nothing that fade
    your voluminous thoughts,
    not even the toxic ecstasy
    I consumed,
    the sinfulness of people,
    that pull me out of this loveless sin.
    Mi amor, Tell me,
    How do I overcome these thoughts,
    how do I exorcise your ghost
    that haunt me,
    like that bent neck lady,
    or should I scummbed under it's trance,
    trapped myself in
    that forever house of hill.