• somiran_ghose 50w

    B E F O U L I N T E N T

    The last day of the year came
    Still her love for me not real yet

    All started making resolutions
    I started to thing how next year will beguile

    The clashes I see ,The proposal I left
    A heart I healed , A heart I broke

    A change I made , A change made to me
    Applaud a girl but I stepped down

    Always sick of love songs, girls thought I'm dumb
    Yeah I'm just fallen in love with my loneliness

    The fake feelings oh please
    All promises

    I'm gonna love you , I'm gonna loose you
    Oh please let me love my asylum

    People bless for new year
    I just smile and go

    Hey! Got one more year to dissipate .
    Thanks Karma!