• shivangi1528 50w


    We ended..
    Ya we ended our relationship..
    Bcz u r unbelievable..
    I'm a storm..
    Nd i needed a calm..
    But u r a storm too.
    Which led tw a huge disaster...
    Bcz every festival ended up with a fight..
    Nd bad mood..
    Bcz my every bRthDay night..
    U made me cry...
    Bcz every valentine's..
    U were nt with me...
    Bcz we always strt blaming each other..
    Nd u always ended making my pillow wet..
    Bt i always thought maybe its love..
    Bcz its lil things which always matters..
    Lil mch care..
    Lil mch time..
    Lil mch soothing moments
    Bt u were always in rush
    Bcz we both are storm..
    Nd we are disaster together