• ziyadah 6w


    At your convenience,you preach religious democracy
    But somehow,it is all laced with delicious hypocrisy
    And that has always made you reason from your lies
    So It never occurred to you that you pick your cries
    Because a disaster is only a tragedy when it concerns members of your
    But when it has to do with the opposite religion,then it is their fate
    At your convenience,you preach humanity
    When in fact you secretly harbour enmity
    And since you've had your alleged neutrality recolored with spite
    So It can never occur to you that you pick your fight
    Because according to you,people only need to be stood up for when they belong to your sect
    And you have no business with the others whenever violence cause their death
    At your convenience,you preach tolerance
    But it takes just a heated argument to change your utterance
    Infact at the mention of their discomfort,you cheer and chant"let
    them feel how it feels too"
    If other things aren't clear,at least your reaction has established that hatred is a relative tool
    At this point,the slight difference between you and the creators of the havoc
    Is that they happily caused it
    Soon After,Inhumanity became you as you cheerfully Loved it
    At your convenience,you preach unity
    While you wait for topics opposing your view just so you can show your enmity
    In a way you say things you really mean
    And hope that your hateful thoughts come into being
    So while we call the ones with the guns& explosives terrorist
    Can we legally simple down your name tag to an extremist?
    ©Edu Ziyadah Oluwafunmylola