• hazeldikinamgyal18 9w

    Do You Miss me like I miss you ?

    Do you ever try to listen to me when I'm tryna say something?
    I know you've got all this insecurities and shit but honey so do I
    And I know there are times where you don't feel yourself , I can understand that but will you just trust me and give your heart to me ?
    I may break mine sometimes , but I'll never let your heart be broken and shattered .
    I'll never let this heart break easily because I know this heart of yours have faced so many ups and downs that even you are tired of it . .
    I will never give up on you and I'll never give up on us even if things go wrong in and around us . . .
    But dear love , please lay your shoulder onto me .
    I'll never let you fall. . .
    I'll never let you fall. . .