• holuwatoseen12 6w

    The anguish scars bring

    Have u ever felt somberness because of your scar?
    Have you ever felt like you're being suffocated in your world because you have a scar?
    Have you ever felt dejected for having a scar?
    Have you ever been thrown into a world of solitude all because you have a scar?
    Has insults ever hit you hard like a rock just because you have a scar.
    Have you faced numerous embarrassing moments because of your scar?
    Have you ever felt like you are unworthy because of your scar?
    Have you even been treated like a plague by people because you have a scar?
    I went through all the above growing up,it was like living in hell for me,I was always made fun of ,molested and scorned everywhere I go ,it made me crave to be rebranded into a new person,I hated myself for having a scar and looked at myself as a plague that isn't needed in the society due to the heartbreaking reactions from people, even my friends mocked me.As time grew,I tried to manage my scar by using skin lightening creams,citric acid,dark spot removing creams and other dark spot removals with the hope that it will get to fade away but it never did for it was a scar meant to stay.I grew up with it and mastered the art of living with it without any feeling of self hate anymore but the only thing I get tired of is the explanations I am always demanded by people who wants to know why I have a scar which makes my world go blur at that moment.
    Poetry as a language of the heart has helped me pen my feelings of having a scar down which has eased my heavy heart and shed light into my blurry world of solitude.
    My poem "SCAR"tells it all.
    Please read,like, comment and correct me.
    I love u all #writers of mirakee