• benkim 5w

    Walking on the roads at night with lights on
    Colourfully displaying various shapes
    Then I was obsessed with this particular one
    WELCOME TO NAIROBI smartly switching from
    black,to white,to red and black the colours of our flag

    This sweet scented flowers by the road took me far
    As I wanted to have scent of this red ones
    Yellow,purple, and white ones were
    oops I was lost,Then I saw a poster
    clearly explaining the roads
    I followed the posters one after the other back hom

    In this sunny days the swimming pools are enticing
    sweetly washing and cooling the body
    And the busking is wow

    The food from restaurants sweet aroma ones
    Quick supplied ones and the discounts is perfect
    And the rest rooms wow wow this ones are designed
    To straight away bring sleep if one is not occupied
    With the admiring the neat painted walls

    Free days are here the park is always spreading hands
    For my welcome playing with monkeys
    Imitating different sounds of birds
    And racing about with horses
    photographing lions and elephants that make my day

    Have seen police office minding our security being
    Some with uniform others wearing civilian clothes
    And this makes peace and security high rated

    You know what?
    The supermarket for people from all walks of life
    well tamed and well supplied with up to date goods
    Never run out of supply