• jmacthedream 67w

    Growing Young

    I can’t go back

    to the days now faded.

    I hold my light

    to memories most shaded.

    I illuminate my mind,

    burning away my struggle;

    I want back the time –

    its not worth the trouble.

    I must think forward

    and not dwell on “ifs”.

    I can’t work backward

    for the present, I forget.

    The pain I feel goes away

    and I accept the fact I’m Growing.

    Thoughts that come seem to stay

    and turn into dreams hardly showing.

    Add another day, and another;

    I seem to grow older.

    Just take away my age

    as it’s just a number

    It’s Time to leave and find youth

    before my days go on.

    I want to grow younger, that’s the truth:

    I search for innocence as time I lose.