• vidhi_67 5w

    This world has put an image in your mind
    you have to be thin and you face has to be clean, you can't wear funk, until you're someone over the top hunk.
    You have to be rich and beautiful and heartbroken and what not, to 'fit' in this world.
    They tell us that we are beautiful and perfect, but only you need to get rid of those pimples, grab some height, lose some weight, and be a billionaire and that will make you more than perfect.
    But what if, the world had never defined it's own version of beautiful.
    What if beautiful had it's own different versions and you had not stuck to one hoping to be that one so desperately.
    What if beautiful is the thin and gorgeous with clear skin, but also, thick and gorgeous with pimples.
    What if beautiful is to love and live in a small house with no fancy traditions.
    What if beautiful is to eat whatever you want and to love your body in those loose funky clothes.
    What if beautiful is everything but not that defined version people have been stuck to for so long an eternity.
    What if we stop looking for the beautiful and start looking at the beauty of the soul.
    What if we stop judging people and stop body shaming them?
    The world would be a better place then, would it not be?