• parkashppencia 6w


    This piece is an adult one, and for 18+

    I count hours in my clock
    Which is very impatient
    The voltage of missing you is never receding
    Minutes become hours and hours become days
    Nights become the platform of memories reciting
    The way I kissed your petals, bloomed your garden of beauty and bulged the entire arena below chin
    I miss the symphonies vibrating in my body as you whisper seductive mantra into my ears
    How you clasp and squeeze the warmed bellies, running in orange flames of love
    I am trying to skip the pages of meeting hours,
    To cling your addictive love bites at early dawn 3am
    And midnight greeting in semi shying light of ceiling
    I hold the nerves as I am marooned Island
    And escaping for pleasure restored far away
    Romance is faster than blood
    And running into my pulses to grow more impatience

    The gap of uniting bodies is criminal
    The distance dividing desire is sinner
    And deadlock of circumstances make the heart ache
    I am holding memories, turning into fantasy and will live them as practical fruit of hard hoarded impatience for hundreds of hours

    And then who will seize the two bodies churning into sweet sweat?